We are actively involved in a variety of industries and we utilize a wide range of tradeshows, events, and conferences to advance our product line. Contact us for more information regarding any of these events


Asphalt Institute 2013 Annual Meeting

4-6 December 2013

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Rocky Mountain User Producer Asphalt Group

14-16 October 2013

Reno, NV


2013 International Elastomeric Conference 

8-10 October 2013

Cleveland, OH


9-12 April 2013

Asphalt Institute 

Charleston, South Carolina


7 April 2013

Valero Benefit for Children

San Antonio, Texas


19-21 March 2013

Association of Modified Asphalt Producers/World of Asphalt

San Antonio, Texas


12-13 March 2013

Rocky Mountain User Producer Group

Phoenix, Arizona


21-23 March 2013

Polyolefins Conference 

Houston, Texas

5-7 December 2012

Asphalt Institute 

Carlsbad, California


13-15 November 2012

South Eastern Asphalt User Producer Group

Hilton Head, South Carolina


17-19 October 2012

Innoplast Plastics Show

Las Vegas, NV


10-11 October 2012

Rocky Mountain User Producer Group

Albuquerque, NM


9-11 July 2012

Petersen Asphalt Conference

Laramie, Wyoming


22 June 2012

Society of Plastics Engineers Charity Event

(La Verne, CA)


20-23 April 2012

Valero- Benefit for Children

(San Antonio, Texas)


13-15 March 2012

World of Asphalt 2012

(Charlotte, North Carolina)


1-2 March 2012


(Des Moines, Iowa)


14 February 2012                                                                                                                                                                            

Plastec Convention                                                                                      

(Anaheim, California)


7-9 February 2012

AMAP 13th Conference

(Albuquerque, New Mexico)


22-26 January 2012


 (Washington D.C.)